Does Dexter Jackson take Steroids Or Natural?

Dexter Jackson is one of the bodybuilder in history who won the IFBB Olympia as well as IFBB Masters Olympia.

Due to the achievements, most of the people think he took some help from steroids.

dexter jackson

Here we are going to clear that Dexter is natural or on the steroid through our researches, evidence and physical symptoms.

Before clearing a statement, have some look at Dexter background and career in the bodybuilding.

Dexter Jackson, The Blade was born and grown up in the Jacksonville, Florida.

Dexter is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, won 9 Arnold Classic titles and got other achievements in professional history.

He has started playing football since high school, where he also took part in a running and reached 4.20 meters, which was on of the fastest times in the country.

Dexter also shows interest in break dancing and gymnastics.

How Dexter Started Bodybuilding?

Dexter amazingly developed genetics, so his friends suggested to first compete in a local bodybuilding show.

Dexter Jackson bodybuilderHe started going to the gym and followed diet plans for competition preparation.

Blade stepped on the stage after three weeks of preparation and easily won the show.

The achievement in the very first show maximizes the Dexter motivation towards bodybuilding.

Thus, he started to spend more time on training and dieting.

Professional Career:

Dexter got the NPC USA championships in 1995 under the light-heavyweight category.

Then, he got his Pro Card for entering into prestigious competitions.

He competed in the 18 shows and pile up impressive results.

Athlete Statistics Dexter Jackson:
  • Weight of the body: 215-230lbs (93.0-104.3 kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’5’’ (165cm)

Body Measurements:

  • Chest: 52’’
  • Waist: 28’’
  • Arms: 20’’
  • Thighs: 30’’

Dexter Jackson won the Mr. Olympia in the year 2008 and beat Jay Cutler.

Dexter beat Jay Cutler in the year 2008.

He got almost Arnold classic victories and has competed to three top bodybuilders.

Dexter proved his power in 2015 and shows he is still able to compete in the bodybuilding shows.

Dexter Jackson, the Blade has decided to share his training secrets after the retirement.

Natural Limitation:

If we talk about a natural limitation, so shorter man with 5’5’’ height can build up the 135Ibs naturally without using any drugs.

Phil Heath vs Dexter Jackson

Now we are going to compare this range to the weight of Dexter, so there is a difference of 80Ibs.

Normally, more than 10 or 15 lbs are possible through training,  but 80lbs are directly associated with steroid use.

He has a gifted genetics naturally, but I have my own doubt for higher usage of steroids

Defined Physique In Golden Age:

Dexter Jackson has a defined shape in his age 50.

Maintain a physique in 50’s and 60’s because the testosterone level begins to decline.

The genetics and natural gaining remain for a longer period of time.

It becomes hard to maintain a physique with a low testosterone.

This indicates HGH and testosterone use.

Symptoms of steroid:

1. Changes In Structure:

Dexter Jackson on steroidsDexter has an almost entire structure changed

Growth hormone can cause the changes in the structure such as the bigger skull and square shaped jaw.

Look at the pictures of Dexter, you can observe grown and widened nose.

The nose is almost flattened across the face at least 10cm each side.

The cheekbone area is also grown.

Most of the people think that the growth of ear and nose never stops by the time.

2. Changes In Skin Color:

Dexter skin color has also changed as darker.

The darkening of the skin is usually caused by an increased flow of blood.

3. Roid Gut:

Roid gut is also known as the Palumboism which is a result of an insulin and growth hormone.

Bodybuilders are using insulin due to the anabolic effects of bulking.

Insulin absorbs more sugar and more blood for the synthesis of protein.

Insulin causes the water retention, so the stomach looks more swollen.


Jackson is not only entering to bodybuilding, but he also remained top on the variety of bodybuilding competitions.

Dexter Jackson before and after steroids

The physical evidences matches to steroid symptoms

The Dexter Jackson journey of the year 1992 to 2008 is extremely powerful.

But we never distract the hard working of Dexter.

His passion for work helps him to make hard work person.

Dexter Jackson Steroids:

Dexter Jackson probably selects these steroids:

The professional bodybuilders required a testosterone for the system to work.

  1. Trenbolone Acetate is a well-known anabolic steroid that is used by the competitive bodybuilders for increasing muscle, boost up the strength and stamina.
  2. Winstrol is responsible for the lean shape and reduce the amount of excess fat from the body.
  3. Human Growth Hormone: Widely used among the bodybuilders for maximizing power, stay lean and bigger the muscles.
  4. Armoasin  is use for suppressing the side effects of estrogen by inhibits a production of the aromatase enzyme.

The steroids above is our opinion.

We don’t know about that Dexter could have used steroid and there is no real proof available.

Our article is just based on information and evidences.